Yoshimoto Kogyo’s Asian Development-Investment in I flix


On April 8, 2019, it was announced that Yoshimoto Kogyo will invest in “iflix” (Head Office: Malaysia), which distributes videos to more than 20 countries, including Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and will form a joint venture. The joint venture will be responsible for adding Japanese content to iflix and co-producing content.

Speaking of the content of Yoshimoto Kogyo, there are many who think about “coming”. And, “eat” has a strong locality, and many people may have the feeling that it will not cross the border. I often hear the concern that the American comedy does not laugh much, and the Japanese laughter is high level, so that people in foreign countries may not understand. However, when Japanese comedy shows are actually shown to Asian content buyers, it is often true that they are laughing out loud even though there are no subtitles. And they say: “The meaning of Japanese comedy is the best in the world.”

If you are involved in the media and content industries, everyone knows that the Japanese video content is of the domestic consumption type and it is not easy to reach the foreign market. However, it does not have the needs of the buyer, but only the assortment of the supply side is a problem, and as this experience illustrates, if there is a job, the buyer will get any number.

The collaboration between Yoshimoto Kogyo and iflix will play an important role in the distribution of Japanese content abroad. In addition, iflix will share the visualization data of the content provided by Yoshimoto Kogyo. In this regard, comedians such as the Japanese variety provided by Yoshimoto Kogyo, dramas, etc. can be accepted. in markets such as religions and living environments such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc. or you can get interesting data. There is not

The current business of the media is inseparable from the data. In today’s environment where video distribution channels have expanded from transmission to communication, data is increasingly important to promote visualization behavior.

So, what aspect is important for OTT that distributes video works? It is important that the media know “What to show next?” For example, do you recommend the same work done in Korean similar to the cast for viewers who watch a Korean spy movie? Or do you focus on content preference and recommend spy action content? There are endless options to recommend the following work from the many work files. Among them, the ability to recommend the following content, that is, the accumulation of data and its processing capacity is important for the media.

This is because of the recommendation ability, such as “What do you want to show next?” Directly affects the participation of viewers, affects the trend of key factors of the media business, such as the number of visits and viewing time, and leads directly to sales. Is

There are more than 600 million millennials in their under 30s in Asia. They are the main objectives of the entertainment industry, such as music, movies and dramas. iflix does marketing for the general public, not the rich people that Netflix and others seek. It is the same as the objective content of “comedy”, such as Variety, which is the strength of Yoshimoto Kogyo. As the video distribution channel expands with the 5G expansion, this partnership will greatly contribute to the development of Japanese content abroad.

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