Yomiuri TV news program BPO goes to deliberation Check gender on the street


BPO = “Organization of Transmission Ethics and Program Improvement” had no problems with the transmission ethic regarding the fact that there was content to confirm the genre of the general public among the news transmission programs transmitted last month by “Yomiuri Television” in Osaka I decided to deliberate.

In the evening news program for the Kansai region that Yomiuri TV aired on the 10th last month, on the corner of “Kansai information net ten” There was content to check.

Among these, the health insurance card is confirmed after obtaining the consent of the person, and it is confirmed if it is male or female touching the body, and Yomiuri TV is a content that is extremely inappropriate for human rights thereafter . I apologized as

The BPO Transmission Ethics Review Committee decided to consider whether there was a problem with the ethics of transmission and, in the future, we will listen to the production staff to verify the production process of the program and the effectiveness of the measures to avoid repeat It has been converted.

Yomiuri TV has commented: “We take ourselves seriously that it became the subject of BPO deliberation, we will cooperate with Shinji for deliberation,” etc.

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