The leaders of Japan and the United States talk about telephone talks


Prime Minister Abe, who returned from Iran, made a phone call with President Trump of the United States to explain the details of the meeting with the top leader, Mr. Hamenei. After that, Prime Minister Abe stressed that he would like to continue working closely with the international community to work for peace and stability in the region, given the appreciation of President Trump.

Due to the tension in the Middle East due to the confrontation between the United States and Iran, Prime Minister Abe, who had been visiting Iran, held a telephone meeting with President Trump of the United States at the residence of the Prime Minister from 10 : 00 pm on the 14th.

After that, Prime Minister Abe told reporters: “In response to a visit to Iran, we exchanged views on the situation in the Middle East.” President Trump expressed his gratitude for the visit to Iran and his work. will continue to work closely with the United States in the future. ” It’s an idea to work together. “

On that basis, “there is great difficulty in the process of easing tensions, such as the complex feelings of others, but for the peace and stability of the region and the prosperity of the world, while maintaining close cooperation with the international community. ” “I want to make an effort”.

Prime Minister Abe also declared that Japan was beaten against any action by anyone attacking the two oil tankers in the vicinity of the Strait of Holmes. On that basis, we should strictly abstain from acts that increase tensions by firmly restricting us so that unforeseen situations do not occur in all the countries involved. We will continue to make every possible effort in the role we can play in the future. “

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