School life too miserable for the children of “The Parents Soka Gakkai”


The children of Soka Gakkai can not pass through “the torii of a sanctuary”. For this reason, they may be separated from other people on school trips or on their first visit. Even with the origin of the denomination, it is likely that II has problems. Religious scholar Yusuke Shimada points out: “If you respect religious freedom, then some consideration is necessary.”

※ This article reprints part of “Happiness is what happens if the parents are Soka Gakkai” and Chapter 3 “Why do we face problems”? It is edited

■ State of the academic member “Ikeda-sensei Nomenclature”

When “the parents call the Soka Gakkai”, the first problem that arises is to name.

The law stipulates that when a baby is born, it must be reported within two weeks after birth. At that time, the baby needs a name.

It is important who the name is, who decides the name of the baby. Today, it is almost always parents. However, if you are a member of Soka Gakkai, you have the option of being named by Mr. Ikeda.

If you want Mr. Ikeda to name your baby, you need to have a defined procedure.

Visit the room, which will be the base of the area, and complete the application form there. Next, the document is sent to headquarters. Once the name has been assigned, a response will be received from the room where the documents were sent. When the applicant goes to the classroom, the baby’s name is written on a beautiful Japanese paper with a brush. There will be many members that paper is still at home.

I do not know how many boys and girls the Ikeda members named. However, members who have been appointed are often highly envious of other members.

I do not know if the busy Mr. Ikeda actually gives the names of each applicant. If I believe that Ikeda himself could have been named, considering that he has been traveling energetically for each area and continuing to encourage the members. At least the members believe that their children have been appointed by Dr. Ikeda.

■ It can be a permanent complex for children.

However, there are also children who do not like their father named Mr. Ikeda.

There is also a class to find out how his name was given at school. At that moment, I checked and I knew it was not the father but Ikeda. There is also a question about how children feel about it, but they will have to announce the fact at school.

Most children say they have been delivered by their parents and grandparents. When it is converted, it becomes a complex that is different only for oneself, and also comes to feel that this should not be told to a person. The same is true if it bears the name of the Soka Gakkai.

If such facts are clarified at school, it seems that the origin of the denomination can only be vague or hidden when a problem arises. Because the name can not be easily changed, it can be a life-long complex for children.

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