Professional baseball exchange match Nippon ham wins over the giants


In the professional baseball game, there were six exchange games, and Nippon Ham beat the Giants and secured league leadership.

Jamón Nipón against Gigante won Nippon Ham 5 to 4
Nippon Ham scored three points in the seventh inning to chase a point, with the timely Nakata and Wang’s No. 3 two-run. The starting pitcher of Arihara is the eighth victory to reach the top two places in the league with eight races and three races. Nippon Ham won 3 consecutive wins with a draw. The giant hit a fourth Takagi launcher and hit a first professional black star.

Rakuten against Hiroshima won Rakuten 11-2.
Rakuten first scored five points in three homers, including Mogi’s first homer. Since then, he has won seven home runs, which will be a new record for the team, such as rookie Ota’s first professional home run. The starter, Sungdo, won five times with seven races and two races. Hiroshima lost a race with both shots, losing a tie in a row with a draw.

Softbank vs. DeNA won DeNA 5-4.
DeNA won with a homer of six men by hand No. 19, one against one. The starting pitcher, Imanaga, has three runs in seven rounds and is the seventh consecutive at the top of the league. Softbank hit Nobuhiro Matsuda’s two consecutive home runs, but it did not happen. The Senga thrower is defeated 2 times with 5 runs 6 times.

Seibu against Yakult won Seibu 11-1.
Seibu scored three points on five consecutive hits, including the timely Yamakawa. In the fourth inning, he scored 8 points with a rounder, with a total of 18 home runs to update Nakamura’s professional baseball record. The starter, Takanashi Mitsunari, scored a seventh consecutive with three races and a total of seven wins. Buchanan de Yakult pitched 11 times with five runs.

Lotte against China won 4 to 1 for China.
During the nine one-on-one days at Chunichi, Bicied’s timely victory was overcome and Takahashi’s No. 5 tour added an extra point. The starting pitcher will throw 13 innings with a pitch attack in the course. He has won the league’s seven best wins in the first round of the season. Lotte pitched the Niki pitcher who threw well nine times.

Oryx vs. Hanshin won Orix 6-4.
Orix scored two points eight times, followed by Fukuda’s wild and timely release, and Nianino’s two-point guard Timely Sally. The fourth Eppler pitcher is the first victory in Japan. Hanshin scored two goals in seven, but a well-pitched Western pitcher caught eight.

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