“On the culture, not the boom”-The feelings of the soccer girls who entrust to Nadeshiko Japan


The “FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019” was inaugurated on June 7. The representative of Japanese women, Nadeshiko Japan, won her first World Cup victory in the 2011 tournament, which caused an unprecedented boom in women’s football in Japan. 8 years from that. The situation surrounding women’s football is still serious, and the professional development of the Nadeshiko league is far from complete. However, the soil where the boom is rooted as “culture” is grown little by little. There were people who worked for the development of women’s football in various fields without being able to become Nadeshiko Japan. Active players, administrative staff, leaders. Once, it is thought that the “soccer girls” that have reduced the Nadeshiko Japan players and have entrusted them to the same generation of players who fight in the W cup. (The non-fiction writer, Yohei Suzuki / editorial department of Yahoo! News) “It is said that the dream of the future is a soccer player”
May 19, 2019, Nadeshiko’s last league before the women’s W Cup. After the games held throughout the country, the ceremonial ceremonies of the World Cup were held at each stadium.

At the Fukuda Electronics Arena in the city of Chiba, bouquets of the INAC Kobe Leonessa players who participated in the World Cup of the players of Jeff United Ichihara and Chiba Ladies were handed out. A big applause is sent by the fans of the stadium. Otaki Asami (Ami) (29) was one of the players who delivered the bouquet with his back in his hand.

“Of course, I would like to have been given (a bouquet), but my current goal is to enter the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. So I really asked you to do the best you can for Japanese women’s football.” Otaki has Been away from the representative. In this World Cup, there was no mention as a candidate. As Nadeshiko Japan has been watching him from outside, he says: “The representative is more disappointed.”

“But I’m glad that the same generation is active as a representative.” (Kumaya) He is the closest member of the tournament members (Kumaya), but it was the same young team when he was in the representative Yuki is now a leader in the team.

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