Nadeshiko Japan won the first tournament in World Cup 2 to 1 against Scotland


The national women’s soccer team of Japan, Nadeshiko Japan, won Scotland 2-1 in the first leg of the World Cup in France, with the aim of winning the first tournament for the first time in two tournaments.

Japan, which ranks seventh in the world ranking, played against Scotland, took 20th place in the second leg of the first league and Group D, on the 14th.

He could not score a goal from Argentina in the world rankings, and replaced the three initial members of the first game, and Mana Iwabuchi, which will be the third consecutive World Cup in the attacking team, and Endo Jun, the youngest player in the team , 19 years old. I was recruited

Japan showed a strong attack from the start and took the lead, and Iwasaki, who received a pass from Endo in the first half of the first 23 minutes, scored the first goal in Japan for the first goal in the tournament and took the lead. .

Also in the 36th minute, striker Yuuka Serizawa received a penalty after receiving a foul and scored his own points, added points and returned with a 2-point lead.

Japan showed a coordinated play in the defense and responded firmly to the counterattack in which Scotland is good, but it became a development that got tired and pushed about 30 minutes in the second half, and lost the ball from the pass. 1 point was returned.

However, Japan won with a persistent 2: 1 defense. Japan scored its first victory in the tournament and increased its points to four.

Japan will play against England, the 3rd place in the world, in the 3rd round of the 1st league in 19 (time 20 of Japan).

Iwatsuki “Shoot what everyone feels”
Midfielder Mana Iwabuchi, the midfielder who scored the first score in Japan, said: “I’m glad everyone was riding and a good shot was going to fly.” I spoke with a relaxed expression.

Then, “it was difficult to draw the first game, but it gave us a new power, it’s different depending on whether you pass the first league in the first or second place, so it’s better to defeat England and continue”, he spoke about the decision to the third round.
Endo “I can feel confident little by little and have fun”
The 19-year-old striker, who helped the first goal with the first goal, Jun Endo said: “I thought I decided to play alone and connect with the goal, so I think it was good to be connected to the goal.” I was confident I had a lot trust and I was able to do it well. I just started and I want to win well because I have an important game with England in the first league. “
Kumagaya “I want to use my next objective”
Defender and captain Yuki Yuki Kumagai said: “We can not win without taking action and taking goals ourselves, so we became aware of those places.In the first half, we took points where we aim and let the ball go well” In the second half half, I felt like a 0 to 0, and since I did not change things, I was doing it with everyone calling to make sure I could do it. “

As for the last goal, “I think it would be better to connect to that time zone, since there was a momentum from there to the other side and it became a painful development, we did not create a place like that next time.” I want to use it. said the problem
Kashiwajima “Unity towards the goal from the beginning”
“The first game was a challenge for the game, so the match came together to go to the goal from the beginning, the result came out and I felt relieved, I think it’s better to break it one by one, so after returning to the hotel I would like to have a meeting with everyone while watching the video of the game.
Takakura “The next game is to control the flow”
The national manager of Japan, Asako Takakura, said: “I got better since the beginning of the game, I played actively and I could score in the first half, so I was able to follow the goal.” I think it was a challenge that I could not score in the non-return, my goal is to win in all the games, but not all goes well. I want to grow while I receive it firmly.

Then, for the next game against England, “I think there is a flow here and there may be a flow on the other side, it will be possible for each player to control the flow mentally and play. I think it’s good.”

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