Jump Kobayashi Rin-Figure JO Flat JOC Sports Award


The JOC Sports Award was awarded to athletes who played last season, such as ski jumper Ryo Kobayashi and figure skating Rika Kipira.

JOC = The Japan Olympic Committee has awarded the “JOC Sports Award” to players who have performed excellently each year, and a recognition ceremony was held in Tokyo for the athletes who actively participated last year.

Among them, Naomi Osaka (21), who won the second consecutive tennis tournament in a major tennis tournament and was the first in the world in Asia through men and women, was selected for the award.
In addition, Kobayashi (22), who won the World Cup for the first time as a Japanese ski player in a special honor award, won the first prize in the women’s competition of the grand final of figure skating in the special prize of the competition, and the first appearance 16 Former players like Kihei were chosen.

In addition, Ike Ayaka, an athlete who continues to treat leukemia, was also selected for the Special Achievement Award.

In the place, the orchestra performed the fanfare at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964, the Olympic March, etc., and there was a direction in which the famous scenes of past competitions in music were introduced, and the Winners

Kobayashi said: “I look forward to the Olympic Games in Tokyo and I am interested in several competitions like beach volleyball, so I would like to see them in the place to be able to win the gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games 2022.” I want to go “

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