Acupuncturist calls for safety pinning to a pervert


When a 40-year-old acupuncturist man in the city of Fukuoka asked on Twitter to stop using a safety pin for the perpetrator because there is a risk of infectious diseases, the objections are heard one after another in a row. It has been converted.

The acupuncturist made a counter argument with Twitter and revealed that he had consulted with the Fukuoka Prefecture Police about defamation damages.

■ “Perverted pervert?” “Sex offenders” and without foundations

The use of a security pin to defeat the pervert was introduced on Twitter in mid-May 2019 and became controversial.

After that, it was proposed on Twitter to put “yellow safety pin” on clothes, etc. as an indication of the intention to eradicate the pervert, and on May 29, the tweet to distribute a large number of safety pins became a subject. On the other hand, the acupuncturist partially formulated the attack that formulated the following question on Twitter the next day.

“Do not do things that recommend putting needles in the body of other people who do not know what germs there are.If you use the needles you distributed and if you develop an infection, you will be responsible.It is the same even if it is not an expiation, but I think it would be better look for other ways than bites to avoid a pervert.

Regarding this observation, the questions and criticisms of those who support security are one after the other, such as “A perverted guy is wrong”, “Any other person, just a victim”, “Are you defending a pervert ? ” It rose to In some cases, there was a case of giving unfounded speculation, such as “Would not you pervert?”

In addition, people who make unsophisticated tweets that there is something similar to sexual harassment also appeared in the acupuncturist that the acupuncturist executed in the past, and over the acupuncturist, a Twitter account is a reprimand that says “sex offender”. Repeat

“I tend to think there’s no problem if I just stab him in a row …”
Such bruises and slanders changed the flow in reverse. The voice of attacking has been criticized for being considered a problem on the Internet and saying: “Do not stand in the way of business”, “I am beyond the category of a joke”, “I am not defending a pervert separately”. It has become one after another. At the same time, the blow and the guilt also occur partly when people with a certain philosophical tendency tend to blame or defame.

It was pointed out that the tweet and slander could be a false charge for commercial misconduct, etc., and the acupuncturist also revealed on Twitter that he visited the Fukuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters on June 7 and consulted. The acupuncturist told a J-CAST in the news coverage on the 13th that “everyone who works to eradicate an abuser thinks it would be a bad thing if he were a fun person and attached an image.”

Regarding the questions and criticisms to oneself, “The general public tends to think that nothing is worse than stabbing the skin of the hand, but the risk that the medical staff thinks is different from the risk that the general public thinks” . “In a train that swings, you can not control the sting needle,” he argued.

On Twitter, “I wanted to argue that” if you defend yourself in a way that involves bleeding, the perpetrator’s blood can hit the victim and the people around him, and the infection can spread, so we look for another. It is written “etc.” He is particularly concerned about hepatitis B, which is 30 times more infectious than AIDS.

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